Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Movie Monday - Transformers

Ok... So I start a project =))  For my blog not to be full of just movie talks I decided to have a certain day for them =)))) And since today it's gonna be Monday =))) I'm pretty sure I'm gonna talk about a few movies at once =))
This post is gonna be about "Transformers"... Both parts.. 

Just think of two names... Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.... Do they say smth to you??? 
And now think of two other names.... Shaia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel.... Girls, do these names say smth to you????
Ok.... And now put all the 4 names together.... Do you get what I mean???? That just means AWESOME!!!! =))))) 
Loved both of the movies =)))) 
Watched it with Aaron (that made me love it even more) =)))... Not sure he loved it as much as I did =)))
1) He watched it before
2) I never shut up and ask tons of questions along all the movies we watch =)))
3) This dialogue:
Me: Ttttrrrrrrr-trrrrrrr-trrrr..... Bham-bham-bham... Pooooffffff....  (trying to imitate sounds of guns and explosions)
Aaron: Hun.... People who created this movie thought about it before you and added sounds... So there's no need to add any =))) 
(Well... smth like that) =))
Or this:
Me(After a big fight scene): Hhhhmmm... Her bra is so clean...
Aaron: Ha.. looks like that wasn't such a big fight, huh?

Soooo... If you're a fan of fighting, explosions, movies about saving our planet from aliens, cars, Hasbro boy-toys =))))) .... and all those things that the 4 names I mentioned above can do with a movie.... These are gonna be ones of your favorite movies =))) Well...if they aren't yet =)))

Oh.. this little buddy was so funny =)))



Can't wait for the 3rd movie that's coming out this year =))) Yaaaay =))
Here's a trailer 
And a spoiler

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